Olsen Muay Thai Fight Factory

Oliver Olsen - Best in the West

With Muay Thai becoming more popular than ever and more ‘sold out’ fight shows in Perth, it is good to look back over the last 20 years and learn about some of the local fighters and how they have made their mark on the local fight scene.

Oliver Olsen is a local Perth fighter that started his Muay Thai journey over 20 years ago.  Born in Belgium in 1972, Oliver arrived to Perth at 15 years of age.  After watching his cousin Steve Olsen compete in a local fight show, Oliver commenced his Muay Thai training with the pioneer of Perth Muay Thai, Phon Martdee (Phon’s Gym). Phon’s Gym was a stable of champions in the early 90’s and Oliver trained with soon-to-be champions such as Daniel Dawson, Darren Reece and many other local champions.

Oliver’s first title shot was against Aussie fighting Legend Danny “Green Machine” Green in a Muay Thai battle for WA State Muay Thai title.  Some big right hands were landed by Oliver but Danny was very aggressive, making it a very tough fight.  The judges awarded the victory to Oliver giving him his first title as WA State Champion.

Oliver Olsen and Roy Jones Jr.


Next battle for Oliver was the Australian Title, his opponent this time was the very tough Queensland legend Tony “Hollywood” Hill.  Oliver was trained by Bill Seth for this fight and Oliver didn’t leave this one up to the judges and destroyed Tony with big right hand and knocked out Tony in the third round.  Oliver was now Australian Champion.


With a State title, and a National title, in 1999 now training with Ron “The Bomb” Parr, a World Title was offered to Oliver against Englishman, Chris Allen, however Chris pulled out two weeks before the fight and Oliver was matched against a Thai opponent.  Oliver won his World title in convincing fashion, easily knocking out the Thai with a first round KO.  Also in 1999, Oliver went to Thailand to compete in Bangkok at the World Amateur Muay Thai Championships (WAMTC) and brought home a Bronze medal.

In a distinguished fighting career, Oliver fought many tough fights and top level fighters such as Bruce “The Preacher” Macfee winning by KO and champions such as Anthony Vella, Baris Nezif, Neungtrakan and many more.  Oliver’s last fight was in 2003 against Chad Walker. Muay Thai has been Oliver’s passion and livelihood and he has been working as a trainer since 1996 and retired as a fighter in 2003.

With a huge amount of experience and knowledge to share, the time was right early 2009 for Oliver to open his own gym – Olsen Muay Thai Factory, in the Perth suburb of Inglewood.  The gym is owned and run by Oliver with his cousin, veteran fighter Harald Olsen helping out.

The Olsen Family has a reputation in Perth as tough, experienced, champion fighters with Oliver Olsen a former world, national and state champion, Harald Olsen former Belgium and Australian National Champion, and Kim “Koolas” Olsen current Australian WMC and WBC national champion.